804-285-1749 – The NAMI Central Virginia HelpLine, proudly sponsored by Dominion Energy


NAMI Central Virginia’s HelpLine is a free, confidential information service for
individuals and families facing mental health concerns, for providers, and for the community.
HelpLine staff and volunteers are well trained, knowledgeable, empathetic and non-judgmental.
HelpLine staff and volunteers provide emotional support and a safe haven for callers to talk
about issues of concern. HelpLine staff and volunteers have access to a database of information
and resources to assist callers seeking knowledge about mental illness and suicide prevention.
We are not a crisis hotline however; trained specialists answer calls and connect callers with
local emergency assistance as needed. NAMI Central Virginia’s HelpLine provides support,
information, assistance locating support groups and educational programs, information on how to
access the mental health system, and tangible resources such as brochures and a 67-page
Information and Resource booklet listing resources on where to go for help, housing,
employment, legal and more.