Volunteer spotlight – August 2019: Marie Parker

This month’s NAMI Central Virginia volunteer spotlight is all about Marie Parker! Marie has been with NAMI CVA since 1984, back when it was known as the Richmond Area Schizophrenia Foundation. This means that Marie is NAMI CVA’s longest-standing active member! After taking up some work in Hawaii, she came back to the area and rejoined the affiliate in 1992, when the name had changed to AMI – the Alliance on Mental Illness.

Marie’s experience has been quite diverse. She has been involved with NAMIWalks since the first one ever held in Virginia. She has participated in NAMI CVA’s annual Gift Wrapping at Barnes and Noble for over a decade. Marie served on the NAMI Board of Directors for most of the early 2000’s, with varying roles including Treasurer, and Program Director. She has routinely taught NAMI Family-to-Family since 2006. Not to mention she has always been a huge help at summer picnics, Holiday Parties, and numerous health fairs. That’s quite an impressive track record!

Marie’s background is in Vocational Rehabilitation. She has worked for several agencies including the Dept. of Aging and Rehabilitative Services (DARS), VCU Medical Center, the Richmond Area Psychiatric Clinic (now known as Richmond Behavioral Health Authority), Central State Hospital, and a handful of insurance groups and their Workers’ Compensation programs in Virginia and Hawaii.

Sadly, Marie will be leaving us as she takes on a new adventure in Myrtle Beach, SC. Let’s all wish her well on her next journey!