Volunteer spotlight – November 2019: Sarah McFarland and Sonja Hill!

This month, our Volunteer Spotlight is shining on our two newest In Our Own Voice presenters, Sarah McFarland and Sonja Hill! They were trained as presenters in June of this year. Since then, they’ve been routinely presenting IOOV throughout Central Virginia.

Although Sarah was trained in IOOV very recently, she has been involved with NAMI CVA since 2015. She is also a Family Support Group facilitator, and a Family to Family teacher. She has a long tenure in trauma-informed services and case management, and currently works as a Youth Counselor at United Methodist Family Services (UMFS). Sarah is passionate about helping others in their mental health journey, especially in rural communities like her hometown of Blackstone, VA. In her spare time, she enjoys watching documentaries based on history and sociology.

Sonja has been a NAMI CVA member since May, after reaching out to the office about the opportunity to tell her story. She says “I’m not stopping the stigma if I’m not sharing my truths.” In addition to her work with NAMI CVA, Sonja also participates in programs at Hanover’s RAFT House, Friends4Recovery, and is a Board Director for Robin’s Hope in Chesterfield. She is passionate about trauma-informed care and helping people process trauma in a healthy, and helpful way. Sonja is an avid reader, and loves spending time with friends & family.